Make your own roof (sq.ft)

Build your own carport kit

Make your own pergola (sq.ft)

Make your own pergola (sq.ft)

Build your own carport kit

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Aluminum Carport Options:

Insulated 3” paneling Attached to wall.
Insulated 3” paneling Free standing.
Pan Roofing Attached to Wall.
Pan Roofing Free standing.


1. Take your measurements:
Simply measure the dimensions of your new shade structure (Length and width)

This solid roof cover, offers total protection from the sun, takes on rain and hail on its insulated core preventing any heat transfer to the underside of the canopy. it also keeps quiet when raining or something fall on top of the roof. These panels boast a heavy-duty core foam which is the heart of the panels and are capable of taking on most rain / wind loading requirements.
This is a material supplied unit designed for "on site" final cuts by you. These snap-lock panels can be walked on and can be screened in at a later date!
Painted aluminum embossed finish - .024" laminated aluminum applied to top and bottom creates a durable dual layer system which resists scratches, corrosion and fading.

•Factory painted extruded aluminum roof profiles.
•Fascia gutters available white or bronze.
•Roof panels are available in white.
•Other than the odd cleaning this is a no maintenance installation .
•Downspouts are optional.

•Optional 2"x3" extruded aluminum channel can be built into the roof panel to run electrical to and support a fan installation where you can attach and wire trough you connection ($150 each channel for fan hook up)

•The drop from house wall to the front of the unit is fixed at 1/4" per foot of projection
Extruded aluminum profiles add to the strength and durability of this high quality materials supplied patio cover
As a materials supplied 'kit' the panels, extruded back-wall channel, side fascia & front gutters, posts & beams may need to be trimmed to finished size on site by customer

Shipping Flat rate $250.00 (anywhere in the United States)
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Aluminum Carport Options: Insulated 3” paneling Attached to wall, Insulated 3” paneling Free standing, Pan Roofing Attached to Wall, Pan Roofing Free standing
Aluminum Carport Color Options Bronze, White
Aluminum carport kit Aluminum Carports Kits 10’x12′
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